The Patterson-Spencers

What can be said about people who help to realize dreams? In what potentially could have been a nightmarish experience, selling a property and buying another concurrently during the holiday season while attempting to care for two children. The Easter Team was not just our real estate agents, they were our guardian angels. Throughout the entire process, they were consummate professionals, human beings, advisers, representatives, marketers and friends. When we were worried they listened and offered insight based on years of experience. When we were happy, they were happy with us, but encouraged us to be realistic in our expectations. When things got sticky, they shared their frustrations, but kept their composure. When situations called for diplomacy, they were artful negotiators and when things got tough, they got tougher. When we needed expert assistance, they called on their many community connections thanks to them, we now know of an excellent gardener, an experienced loan broker, a trustworthy pest inspector, a reliable plumber and a skilled heating contractor.