Working with Brooke was amazing. She contacted me after I registered for her site to view homes one horrible winter day in NYC. At the time I was just curious about the Santa Barbara market as we had been living in NYC for the last ten years and were considering moving back to CA. I honestly wasn’t sure if we could even afford SB or if we were really going to move there, it was more a dream than a reality. She offered to show us some places the next time we were here visiting friends. We looked at some great properties that actually were affordable and the seed was planted that we were going to make it work to relocate to SB! She continued to send us listings via email and we started the process looking for jobs, all while just having our second baby.

In October we saw a listing that seemed perfect but then they weren’t showing it when I was visiting CA. Once it was available to view, we were back in NYC so Brooke went over there and took pictures, measurements & videos of the house and sent them to us. I knew it was the perfect house but we weren’t the best offers as our purchasing was contingent on selling our place in NYC but Brooke reassured us that it may work and she worked with the seller’s agent for us to be a back up offer. When we came back to see the house again I was so sad because it was just so perfect for us (a great layout, good price for the neighborhood and a bit of a fixer upper). She told us that almost all of her clients who have been in the back up position usually get it but I tried not to get my hopes up. She communicated so well with the seller’s brokers and always updated us with what was going on with the primary offer. Things were getting shaky with the primary offer and the seller’s were considering giving them a notice to perform, Brooke reassured their broker that we were serious and motivated buyers and we would not back out. On New Year’s Eve she called us that we became the primary offer! We were so excited!!

Brooke then ordered our inspection and our inspector found a lot more things wrong with it than the initial inspection from the primary offer. I kinda freaked out and she coordinated 7-8 different services to come and give estimates on fixing plumbing, electrical, foundation, roofing, chimney, etc. We were still in NYC so Brooke literally just camped out at the house and let everyone in and reported back to us. Once all the estimates were in I realized it wasn’t going to be a lot to fix and meanwhile places in our neighborhood were selling for a lot more than our price, so I knew we had value in this place.

We got out to Santa Barbara about a month before we closed (bc closings in NYC take awhile) and Brooke continued to tirelessly work with us coordinating all the different repairmen so work could start the second we recorded. We probably met with her 10+ times in two weeks so I could talk to different professionals- all people she referred to us and all of them are great! She never once complained when I asked her if we could meet yet another person to do work- she always has a genuine smile, and enthusiasm that I very much appreciate. My 3 1/2 year old and baby are always with me and sometimes these endless meetings weren’t a lot of fun for my older child. If I was talking to someone Brooke would go with my son to the backyard and play soccer or explore the house with him. My son loved playing with her and she gave me the space to concentrate on talking, which isn’t easy with two small children! Brooke put so much time and energy into finding our perfect home in beautiful Santa Barbara. We are so grateful that we met her and for all the work she did. I’ve been saying to friends and family about how lucky we are to have gotten this home in the neighborhood we wanted, but I really think it wasn’t luck- it’s that Brooke made it happen!